BEANPOLE FW18 Down Jacket

Natural variations bring wonderful collisions of clothes, including cashmere, wool and soft touch; hand-made fabrics with the taste of sunshine, but also warm coats full of security. Although there is not much fashion space left for urban youth in winter, BEANPOLE FW18, inspired by “Tomorrow Classics”, uses a new and bold way to deduce natural variations, launches a series of contrasting light and shade winter dresses, presenting a fresh impact of urban fashion.

BEANPOLE Ladies FW18 explores the beautiful layers of winter fashion. It combines concise design with charming colors, light and shade accompanied by delicate touch, forming a rich sense of detail, bringing people a three-dimensional and rich image.

The coat is the best protection against the cold. It keeps the pure warmth away from the rain and snow. Medium-sized and medium-length down clothing fabrics have luster and give people a good visual experience; Long-style self-cultivation design, while decorating a charming figure, will be warm and tightly wrapped up; collar collocation and design let the overall shape full of more bright spots, lapel, pocket wake up the wearer’s aura, self-confidence and casual beauty. Touch and touch; inside the pure color dress, visually naturally enriched the sense of hierarchy.

What jacket was popular last year?

Quilted fabrics, which became popular last year, seem to be getting more and more popular this year. Fashion bloggers showed this element in the street shooting. Major brands of autumn and winter show also quilted fabrics to play a pattern, this seemingly ugly and earthy “quilt” can also be so fashionable!

The material that looks like down jacket is resistant at first, but big brands and fashionable people like to wear it. The design of small rhombus on the surface makes the dress more broad. It is a good assistant to increase texture and sculpt. Don’t belittle this quilted liner, which is usually hidden in the inner side of the garment, is designed to be all kinds of styles.

The most common one is the coat. The coat in autumn and winter is always thick and seasonal. The inner gallbladder design can not only properly act as the design element, but also keep warm and cold. The brighter the color, the more fashionable it is!