Soak the towel in warm water, then twist it slightly and spread it on a woolen coat. Be careful not to wring too dry and retain a little moisture to remove stains on the coat better. Spread the wet towel on the overcoat and press it repeatedly with an electric iron. Wash the towel once ironing, and change the water in time when the water is dirty. Repeatedly ironing several times, the deep stains and grease stains on the coat all run to the towel. When the clothes were dry, the stains were removed.

First, we prepare a basin of clear water, then add some salt and some clothing softener, and mix them evenly. Prepare a clean towel and soak the towel in the water. In this way, we wipe the wool with a wet towel. After a while, the odor and stains on the wool will be easily cleaned. When drying, remember to put them in the ventilation place, not in the sun, and turn the wool over to bask on the opposite side, so as to prevent the fading and yellowing of the wool.

The most easily dirty part of a woolen overcoat is the sleeve. We prepare some baking soda to sprinkle it on the stain on the sleeve. Then we dip an old toothbrush in water and wipe it back and forth. Sodium bicarbonate will react with water to clean up the stains on the sleeves. After brushing, we prepare a basin of water to find a clean cloth to soak and dry the baking soda on the sleeve.

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