Black and white and three colors are the most versatile, almost able to hold all your coat look. As long as they store up one, they can keep warm and fashionable for a whole autumn and winter. High-collar sweater always gives people a warm and beautiful feeling, wearing such a sweater on the street, a few meters away can feel your gentleness. The black and white grey turtleneck sweater is also a jumper. It fits all kinds of styles of coat.

Of course, it’s not just the three classic colors of black, white and grey that fit inside, but also other colors of high-collar sweaters. Mushroom coolers can choose some of their favorite colors, such as the lake-like dream of light blue, etc. as an interior.

If you add a chic print scarf at the neckline, it will be more special and stand out in the crowd.

The coloring system with the coat is more advanced and has a good taste.

Keeping the same color system between the inner color and the coat can not only present a harmonious and unified aesthetic feeling in color, but also highlight the level of modeling.

In general, the coat and coat of the same color can give a good contrast. The lower half of the body can choose their favorite jeans, black trousers, etc., to avoid the monotony of the same color from head to foot.

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