Winter down jacket is certainly not everyone’s favorite, because although warm but bulky fat, so more fairies like to wear coats, not to look at the coat looks fresh and thin, in fact, some styles are very warm, but also self-cultivation. However, if you want to match the coat well, you still need to have some inner strength. Although the style of the coat is simple, it is easy to wear very ordinary.

In the overall shape of matching overcoat, shoe style is a very important role, because it is related to whether you can add points to the shape or not, it will appear very abrupt. Next, I will introduce 4 kinds of shoes that are not suitable for coats.

In fact, girls who don’t pay much attention to fashion circle would prefer to wear sports shoes a little. They can choose the basic style of sports shoes, that is, not to increase the inside height of sports shoes. This kind of shoes is really not fashionable, very popular, and wearing small white shoes is also possible.

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