When the weather gets colder, the fairy has to learn the rules of dressing, both grace and temperature. Fashionable jeans jacket, encounter handsome black single goods, as an inner lap, foot on a pair of comfortable and leisure sports shoes, even working fairies, early preparation of this warm fashionable Caramel overcoat matching, full absorption, spend a long autumn and winter together.

In summer, the fairy must be very fond of blue single products, blue can give a very refreshing visual enjoyment, as if in the blue sea and sky. The weather is cool, pick blue coats in autumn and winter. Still familiar with the white single to do the inside lap, light jeans, and the upper body of the dark blue coat, a shade of contrast, forming a sharp contrast. Let this dress become very interesting.

White is easy to dirty. It has been ruled out by many fairies. But if it’s a little fairy who loves white deeply, it’s still possible to prepare a warm and fashionable white coat with the best CP in black and white. Don’t forget it. Cool weather, cool black boots and black tights, spend a long autumn and winter together, show the visual effect of thin, naturally need not say more.

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