As one of the most popular elements in the fashion world, the stripe element is integrated into the shirt, which makes the shirt more fashionable. The red and white striped shirt, with a black turtleneck sweater, easily breaks the dark sense of depression. Follow Pick’s fashionable light coloured long coat to highlight the overbearing side. The lower part of pick is Caramel colored broad leg trousers, and the modified leg type is thin.

Blue always brings people a full sense of refreshment and comfort, so how to wear a pure blue shirt in autumn and winter? Pick is a black single product, and it will not make people feel depressed. Outer is a short dark coat, and pure shirt to form a shade of different color collocation, resulting in a strong sense of visual impact, let people see bright. The lower part of the body is black trousers with black boots, with the same color matching, concise and high.

The most common shirts are pure color tones, wild and durable. How to wear pure and white shirts in autumn and winter? When wearing the collar, open three buttons and manually create a V-shaped collar, showing white and sexy skin. Put on a dark coat, warm and advanced. Waist belt, easy to highlight the slender waist. The feet are stockings and colorful shoes with unique characteristics, which show the fashionable sense of fashion easily.

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