The season of wearing overcoats is coming. If we want to have a beautiful winter without freezing our hands and feet, we can hardly go out without a long overcoat. The warmth of the overcoat is not only good, but also the style of the overcoat is very fashionable. Therefore, when we choose and buy the overcoat, we should not only see if the style of the overcoat suits us. Matching the proportions of the body depends on the three points.

The waistband-style coat is usually what we call the X-type coat. The format of this coat has a good effect on body decoration. Especially for the slightly fat girls, it can make your waistline, which shows that you have the instant vision of a small waist. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose the waistband-style coat. It’s a choice.

Classic overcoat with air field, delicate lapel, delicate workmanship, clear diamond angle, three-dimensional decoration neck is a hundred sets of texture, simple and beautiful dressing, waist slightly closed, not pick body, wearing comfortable and lazy, leisure wind and activity, functional.

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