If your coat is generally thicker, it’s good to wear shirts inside. The abstinence of shirts can make the clothes feel thicker and thicker. And the fabric of shirts is also good as a base. It’s not so easy to sweat, even at noon when the temperature is high. Shirts and jeans are also high-color CP in autumn wear. No matter what shirts and jeans are super suitable, they can be officially leisure, and no longer need to worry about what jacket to wear every day.

In autumn, the most practical way to wear shirts is to fold them. Besides jackets, sweaters and bathrooms, it is also very foreign. It is more spiritual to show the collar of shirts. It is more hierarchical to wear shirts properly. It is fashionable in seconds, and it is more attractive to go out of the street.

In addition to the inside, it is also good to use the shirt as a transitional item in the matching. Not only can the shirt be covered with a coat outside, but the inside can also be underpinned with other items, so that the shirt looks more casual. You don’t want to wear a shirt like a waiter, try a high collar inside and help you toss your sense of rigidity.

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