How to keep warm and fashion in winter is a headache for many people, especially for down coats. Because the design of down coats is mostly single and a little careless, there will be embarrassing situations of male and female tears. However, if you watch the opening ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games on February 9, you probably don’t have to worry about it. The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is the most influential sports clothing brand in the world. This Winter Olympic Games, of course, is no exception.

Ralph Lauren, the American delegation’s clothing brand for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, included sweaters, jeans, boots, T-Shirt, hats and gloves, and a high-tech heated thermal jacket.

The main heat source of this heating jacket is the ink fabric brushed inside the jacket. Athletes can adjust the three-gear temperature by mobile phone to cope with the local colder weather.

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