How to wash woolen overcoats?

Soak the towel in warm water, then twist it slightly and spread it on a woolen coat. Be careful not to wring too dry and retain a little moisture to remove stains on the coat better. Spread the wet towel on the overcoat and press it repeatedly with an electric iron. Wash the towel once […]

4 kinds of shoes cannot go with winter jackets

Winter down jacket is certainly not everyone’s favorite, because although warm but bulky fat, so more fairies like to wear coats, not to look at the coat looks fresh and thin, in fact, some styles are very warm, but also self-cultivation. However, if you want to match the coat well, you still need to have […]

Fashionable coat warms you in the long cold winter

When the weather gets colder, the fairy has to learn the rules of dressing, both grace and temperature. Fashionable jeans jacket, encounter handsome black single goods, as an inner lap, foot on a pair of comfortable and leisure sports shoes, even working fairies, early preparation of this warm fashionable Caramel overcoat matching, full absorption, spend […]

How to wear shirts in autumn and winter?

As one of the most popular elements in the fashion world, the stripe element is integrated into the shirt, which makes the shirt more fashionable. The red and white striped shirt, with a black turtleneck sweater, easily breaks the dark sense of depression. Follow Pick’s fashionable light coloured long coat to highlight the overbearing side. […]

What do you wear to keep warm in winter?

If your coat is generally thicker, it’s good to wear shirts inside. The abstinence of shirts can make the clothes feel thicker and thicker. And the fabric of shirts is also good as a base. It’s not so easy to sweat, even at noon when the temperature is high. Shirts and jeans are also high-color […]

Warm and fashionable double faced coat

In winter, many girls do not worry about how to keep warm and how to show thin. So double-sided Ni coat has become a must-choose item for fashionable people. Faced with the dazzling style in the market, how to choose and buy it? Here’s how to choose a double-sided nipple coat. First, let’s look at […]