How to wash woolen overcoats?

Soak the towel in warm water, then twist it slightly and spread it on a woolen coat. Be careful not to wring too dry and retain a little moisture to remove stains on the coat better. Spread the wet towel on the overcoat and press it repeatedly with an electric iron. Wash the towel once ironing, and change the water in time when the water is dirty. Repeatedly ironing several times, the deep stains and grease stains on the coat all run to the towel. When the clothes were dry, the stains were removed.

First, we prepare a basin of clear water, then add some salt and some clothing softener, and mix them evenly. Prepare a clean towel and soak the towel in the water. In this way, we wipe the wool with a wet towel. After a while, the odor and stains on the wool will be easily cleaned. When drying, remember to put them in the ventilation place, not in the sun, and turn the wool over to bask on the opposite side, so as to prevent the fading and yellowing of the wool.

The most easily dirty part of a woolen overcoat is the sleeve. We prepare some baking soda to sprinkle it on the stain on the sleeve. Then we dip an old toothbrush in water and wipe it back and forth. Sodium bicarbonate will react with water to clean up the stains on the sleeves. After brushing, we prepare a basin of water to find a clean cloth to soak and dry the baking soda on the sleeve.

4 kinds of shoes cannot go with winter jackets

Winter down jacket is certainly not everyone’s favorite, because although warm but bulky fat, so more fairies like to wear coats, not to look at the coat looks fresh and thin, in fact, some styles are very warm, but also self-cultivation. However, if you want to match the coat well, you still need to have some inner strength. Although the style of the coat is simple, it is easy to wear very ordinary.

In the overall shape of matching overcoat, shoe style is a very important role, because it is related to whether you can add points to the shape or not, it will appear very abrupt. Next, I will introduce 4 kinds of shoes that are not suitable for coats.

In fact, girls who don’t pay much attention to fashion circle would prefer to wear sports shoes a little. They can choose the basic style of sports shoes, that is, not to increase the inside height of sports shoes. This kind of shoes is really not fashionable, very popular, and wearing small white shoes is also possible.

The most powerful, warm and fashionable turtleneck sweater

Black and white and three colors are the most versatile, almost able to hold all your coat look. As long as they store up one, they can keep warm and fashionable for a whole autumn and winter. High-collar sweater always gives people a warm and beautiful feeling, wearing such a sweater on the street, a few meters away can feel your gentleness. The black and white grey turtleneck sweater is also a jumper. It fits all kinds of styles of coat.

Of course, it’s not just the three classic colors of black, white and grey that fit inside, but also other colors of high-collar sweaters. Mushroom coolers can choose some of their favorite colors, such as the lake-like dream of light blue, etc. as an interior.

If you add a chic print scarf at the neckline, it will be more special and stand out in the crowd.

The coloring system with the coat is more advanced and has a good taste.

Keeping the same color system between the inner color and the coat can not only present a harmonious and unified aesthetic feeling in color, but also highlight the level of modeling.

In general, the coat and coat of the same color can give a good contrast. The lower half of the body can choose their favorite jeans, black trousers, etc., to avoid the monotony of the same color from head to foot.

Fashionable coat warms you in the long cold winter

When the weather gets colder, the fairy has to learn the rules of dressing, both grace and temperature. Fashionable jeans jacket, encounter handsome black single goods, as an inner lap, foot on a pair of comfortable and leisure sports shoes, even working fairies, early preparation of this warm fashionable Caramel overcoat matching, full absorption, spend a long autumn and winter together.

In summer, the fairy must be very fond of blue single products, blue can give a very refreshing visual enjoyment, as if in the blue sea and sky. The weather is cool, pick blue coats in autumn and winter. Still familiar with the white single to do the inside lap, light jeans, and the upper body of the dark blue coat, a shade of contrast, forming a sharp contrast. Let this dress become very interesting.

White is easy to dirty. It has been ruled out by many fairies. But if it’s a little fairy who loves white deeply, it’s still possible to prepare a warm and fashionable white coat with the best CP in black and white. Don’t forget it. Cool weather, cool black boots and black tights, spend a long autumn and winter together, show the visual effect of thin, naturally need not say more.

How to wear shirts in autumn and winter?

As one of the most popular elements in the fashion world, the stripe element is integrated into the shirt, which makes the shirt more fashionable. The red and white striped shirt, with a black turtleneck sweater, easily breaks the dark sense of depression. Follow Pick’s fashionable light coloured long coat to highlight the overbearing side. The lower part of pick is Caramel colored broad leg trousers, and the modified leg type is thin.

Blue always brings people a full sense of refreshment and comfort, so how to wear a pure blue shirt in autumn and winter? Pick is a black single product, and it will not make people feel depressed. Outer is a short dark coat, and pure shirt to form a shade of different color collocation, resulting in a strong sense of visual impact, let people see bright. The lower part of the body is black trousers with black boots, with the same color matching, concise and high.

The most common shirts are pure color tones, wild and durable. How to wear pure and white shirts in autumn and winter? When wearing the collar, open three buttons and manually create a V-shaped collar, showing white and sexy skin. Put on a dark coat, warm and advanced. Waist belt, easy to highlight the slender waist. The feet are stockings and colorful shoes with unique characteristics, which show the fashionable sense of fashion easily.

Women who loves overcoats need to read this article

The season of wearing overcoats is coming. If we want to have a beautiful winter without freezing our hands and feet, we can hardly go out without a long overcoat. The warmth of the overcoat is not only good, but also the style of the overcoat is very fashionable. Therefore, when we choose and buy the overcoat, we should not only see if the style of the overcoat suits us. Matching the proportions of the body depends on the three points.

The waistband-style coat is usually what we call the X-type coat. The format of this coat has a good effect on body decoration. Especially for the slightly fat girls, it can make your waistline, which shows that you have the instant vision of a small waist. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose the waistband-style coat. It’s a choice.

Classic overcoat with air field, delicate lapel, delicate workmanship, clear diamond angle, three-dimensional decoration neck is a hundred sets of texture, simple and beautiful dressing, waist slightly closed, not pick body, wearing comfortable and lazy, leisure wind and activity, functional.

What do you wear to keep warm in winter?

If your coat is generally thicker, it’s good to wear shirts inside. The abstinence of shirts can make the clothes feel thicker and thicker. And the fabric of shirts is also good as a base. It’s not so easy to sweat, even at noon when the temperature is high. Shirts and jeans are also high-color CP in autumn wear. No matter what shirts and jeans are super suitable, they can be officially leisure, and no longer need to worry about what jacket to wear every day.

In autumn, the most practical way to wear shirts is to fold them. Besides jackets, sweaters and bathrooms, it is also very foreign. It is more spiritual to show the collar of shirts. It is more hierarchical to wear shirts properly. It is fashionable in seconds, and it is more attractive to go out of the street.

In addition to the inside, it is also good to use the shirt as a transitional item in the matching. Not only can the shirt be covered with a coat outside, but the inside can also be underpinned with other items, so that the shirt looks more casual. You don’t want to wear a shirt like a waiter, try a high collar inside and help you toss your sense of rigidity.

Warm and fashionable double faced coat

In winter, many girls do not worry about how to keep warm and how to show thin. So double-sided Ni coat has become a must-choose item for fashionable people. Faced with the dazzling style in the market, how to choose and buy it?

Here’s how to choose a double-sided nipple coat. First, let’s look at the style of double-sided nipple, and then share how to judge the quality of double-sided nipple.

The reason why double-sided Ni is so popular is that besides its good warmth retention, it also has the characteristics of lightweight fabrics. Compared with other heavy winter coats, double-sided Ni can let you “light-weight” into battle! So in style selection, long style is the most popular, good warmth effect, and more importantly, a good match!

The opening ceremony of Winter Olympics is a new fashion for down jacket

How to keep warm and fashion in winter is a headache for many people, especially for down coats. Because the design of down coats is mostly single and a little careless, there will be embarrassing situations of male and female tears. However, if you watch the opening ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games on February 9, you probably don’t have to worry about it. The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is the most influential sports clothing brand in the world. This Winter Olympic Games, of course, is no exception.

Ralph Lauren, the American delegation’s clothing brand for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, included sweaters, jeans, boots, T-Shirt, hats and gloves, and a high-tech heated thermal jacket.

The main heat source of this heating jacket is the ink fabric brushed inside the jacket. Athletes can adjust the three-gear temperature by mobile phone to cope with the local colder weather.

Wearing a Large Size Jacket does not make you look plumpy and ugly

Looking at Tonya wearing down clothes, it seems that she is more afraid of cold, which is also matched with a cap guard, so how warm it is to wear, compared with the current airport also bare legs of the actress, such a dress is what girls should learn.

On the top of her lower jacket, she wore a pair of black trousers. Anyway, these trousers are all matched, so it is quite suitable to wear down jacket. Therefore, seeing Liyan Tong’s trip LOOK, the biggest highlight is her down jacket.

Compared with most girls like to wear self-cultivating down clothes, this is a super-large version of Tuolia’s down clothes, wearing the body as if to wrap the whole person, so we watched Tuolia wear is very bulky, but even so, we see that Tuolia is still so beautiful.